Professional Rehabilitation Assessments

A PROFESSIONAL REHABILITATION ASSESSMENT is a specific type of evaluation that is designed to be helpful to licensing boards, agencies, church denominations, and other bodies which have responsibility for the supervision of professional human service or healthcare providers. The purpose of a PROFESSIONAL REHABILITATION ASSESSMENT is assist these authorities in making determinations about rehabilitation planning for professionals accused of sexual or other kind of misconduct. The process is not designed to be used to determine guilt or innocence of an offender, but rather is to assist in planning for continued professional functioning in situations where guilt has been acknowleged.


The assessment process involves


The spectrum of possible recommendations which could be made as part of the evaluation range from a recomendation against any further practice of the profession to a specific type of continuing education with minimal follow-up. Intermediate recommendations often involve one or more of the following


The fee for the evaluation is done on a per-hour basis. Accordingly, the final cost varies depending upon the complexity of the situation. However, since it is done in an outpatient setting, the cost is less than what would be required to have a similar procedure done in a residential/inpatient setting. Every effort is made to keep extraneous costs to a minimum. For that reason, evaluations can often be scheduled to be completed in one or two days of the offender's time. This intense period of evaluation minimizes the amount of travel or lodging required for the process to be completed. Depending upon the situation, the cost for the evaluation may be borne by the offender or by the referring body, or a combination of both.


Reports are generally available approximately 4 weeks following the initial interview. In most instances, these reports are NOT sent to the offender, but are rather sent directly to the referring body for their use in decision-making regarding implementation of any or all of the recommendations. Unless prohibited by the referral source, reports can generally be reviewed by the offender by the evaluator at a subsequent appointment, at which time a copy of the evaluation is made available to the offender.


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